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  • December 4Girls Varsity II Soccer vs. Kamehameha @ 4:15 PM MPI
  • December 4Boys Varsity Basketball vs. Punahou Invitational @ Punahou December 9th
  • December 4December 20th: Teacher Prep Day (No School)
  • December 4Boys Varsity Soccer Wins 50th Annual HPA Soccer Tournament
  • November 28December 20-Jan 3 no school
Student News For Mid-Pacific

Na Pueo

Student News For Mid-Pacific

Na Pueo

How much work do you have right now and how are you feeling about it? (May 15, 2023)
Emi Lew, Staff Writer • May 15, 2023

Question: How much work do you have right now and how are you feeling about it?                                                                                  

Staff Profile
Tia Yonemura
Tia Yonemura
Staff Writer

Tia Yonemura is a sophomore and a first year journalist. During her free time, she enjoys going to the beach, hanging out with family, and cheerleading. This year in journalism, she is looking forward...

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Chapels Shaking Walls
Chapel's Shaking Walls
Charlize Gaudiello, Editor in Chief • October 25, 2023

The recent changes in Mid-Pacific’s chapel have brought a ruckus of voices instead of the quiet, contemplative mood students have come to expect. Mid-Pacific’s...

Maui family walks away from the wildfires
Mid-Pacific's Response to the Lahaina Wildfires
Charlize Gaudiello, Josephine Brewer, Emi Lew, Ellie Fink, and Carly Kaneshiro August 18, 2023

Though based on a different island, the minds of the Mid-Pacific community are on the recent events of Maui. On Aug. 8, wildfires swept across...

Kayla Tom, Social Media Editor • April 18, 2023

Bullying is an unfortunate right of passage for many high school students, and it appears that Mid-Pacific has caught this disease. “I feel...

Scott Morrison, new English teacher
Scott Morrison, new English teacher
November 8, 2023

Scott Morrison is and has been a dedicated English teacher, arriving at Mid-Pacific with 24 years of experience. As a world traveler, Morrison...

Burned remains of a car ravaged by the fires
Lahaina fires: The recovery
Ellie Fink, Online Editor • November 7, 2023

On Aug. 8, a wildfire rapidly consumed the homes and lives of citizens residing in West Maui. Experts said the fire was potentially caused by...

Students Avery Higuchi ‘26 and Jaeda Fong ‘26 in their outfits on campus.
New Enforced Dress Code and Phone Policy Complicating Campus Life
Lana Kim, Staff • October 23, 2023

There is a rising conflict roaming around campus, specifically regarding the new enforced dress code and phone policy. Students have different...

Pac 5
Caleb Sawei, staff writer • December 1, 2023

Prior to 2023, Mid-Pacific was part of Pac-5 for about 40 years, Pac-5 is an athletic program joining several schools together in one team to...

Mid-Pacific Girls volleyball team huddles after a match
Sexism on the field
Josephine Brewer, Managing Editor • November 8, 2023

For a long time, there has been a lot of disrespect directed towards women who are professional athletes. Is our school an exception to this...

Emma Ball IQ wind-foiling
Emma Ball- Surfing Into the Olympics
Ava Kagimoto, Staff • October 17, 2023

Emma Ball, a Mid-Pacific junior, is headed for the Olympics. Despite only having participated in the sport for two years, she plans to try...

Screen-capture of a suggestive text sent to a female at Mid-Pacific eluding to an unsolicited explicit picture.
The Female Experience
Katie Troske, Opinion Editor • October 13, 2023

We live in a world that excuses rape, glamorizes sexual harassment, normalizes sexist language, and objectifies women. There’s no denying or escaping the unfortunate truth of being a girl– and it’s time we talk about it. A girl's understanding of society is ingrained into her from the first day she goes to kindergarten. Dismissed with a mere “boys will be boys” after crying about being...

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Taylor Swifts sold-out Eras tour at SoFi stadium.
Music Industry Phenomenon: The Eras Tour
Cienna Cheung, Staff • October 11, 2023

The music industry is constantly evolving, yet the impression Taylor Swift has left is unparalleled. Her music may be of an acquired taste, but her chart-topping albums and large fan base have led to her most recent tour, The Eras Tour. The Eras Tour is expected to be the most successful world tour of all time, averaging over a staggering 70,000 fans in attendance per event. Swift has set record...

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Safe place posters are designed as a visual reminder to promote acceptance in our community.
Who’s really safe though?
Charlize Gaudiello, Editor in Chief • August 25, 2023

As Mid-Pacific lines its walls with safe space posters, the blurb below begs the question of whether or not those words currently hold true. For a segment of the Mid-Pacific community, students feel as though the campus is not safe. Despite the limited occurrences of physical harm, queer students often experience a lack of affirmation from their peers. Junior Maya Copeland shared their feelings...

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