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  • April 15‘Butter Mochi’ by Michi Y. ’25 and Kailey H. ’25, along with ‘DUSK’ by Pono W. ’27, were celebrated as Official Selections.
  • April 15‘Young Again’ by Kailey H. ’25 received Best Screenplay.
  • April 15‘Christmas Lights’ by Cameryn K. ’25 won Best ‘Ōpio Student Film.
  • April 15May 4 MPSA Music Band & Orchestra Aloha Concert
  • April 15April 19 – 28 MPSA Presents ‘The Crucible’
  • April 15Thursday April 18 Water Polo - Girls Varsity II 5:00 PM Iolani
  • April 15Thursday April 18 Softball - Girls Varsity vs. ILH Double Elimination Tournament, Iolani 4:00 PM Ala Wai
  • April 15Thursday April 18 Sailing - Coed Varsity vs. Regatta 5 4:00 PM Magic Island
  • April 15Thursday April 18 Baseball - Boys Varsity vs. PAC-5 3:30 PM Mid-Pacific
  • April 15Wednesday April 17 Tennis - Girls Varsity vs. Hawaii Baptist 4:15 PM Mid-Pacific
Student News For Mid-Pacific

Na Pueo

Student News For Mid-Pacific

Na Pueo

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Carly Kaneshiro
Carly Kaneshiro
Features Editor

Carly Kaneshiro is a junior and second year journalist. In her free time, she loves going out to dinner with her mom, cooking new recipes, and reading. This year in journalism, she looks forward to being...

Emi Lew
Emi Lew
Illustration Head and Design Editor

Emi Lew is a sophomore and a second year journalist. This year, she is the Illustration Head and Design Editor of Na Pueo. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, sewing and listening to music. In the coming...

Reece Uemori
Reece Uemori
Sports Editor

Reece Uemori is a junior and a first year journalist. Outside of school, he enjoys playing baseball and hanging out with friends. This year, he looks forward to helping out the sports area of journalism.

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Mid-Pacific Baseball Field
Rebuilding and reflecting
Charlize Gaudiello, Kristen Pang, Cienna Cheung, Emi Lew, Ellie Fink, Na Pueo Staff • March 6, 2024

It has become common knowledge that 10 students were separated from Mid-Pacific following a social media video posted on Feb. 15 that spread...

Phones showing loading screen of Instagram, the platform on which the video was hosted
Building a better community
Na Pueo Editors, Na Pueo Staff • March 4, 2024

So, we all saw that video. Since this viewing, the Mid-Pacific community has collectively engaged in multiple discussions within the classroom...

Photo of Kira Wainits mom, who has lived in Hawaii since she was young
Hiding in plain sight
Charlize Gaudiello, Editor in Chief • January 4, 2024

Imagine how exhausting it would be to constantly hide who you are, anticipating the looks that people give you once they find out your...

Mid Pacifics Swim Team after a swim meet.
The balancing act of coaching
Cienna Cheung, Staff • March 25, 2024

Mid-Pacific has experienced an influx of successful teams in recent athletic seasons, causing us to recognize the impact of the athletes on the...

New Chaplain Jenny Sung
New Chaplain Jenny Sung
Reece Uemori, Staff Writer • March 25, 2024

Jenny Sung is our brand-new Kahu and Chaplain. She began her position at Mid-Pacific in early February. Sung's role will be to educate students...

A mother demands that her child set aside drawing and begin to focus on academics
Ambition is everything
Emi Lew, Design Editor • March 25, 2024

The crucial matter of deciding what one’s life path will be rests heavily on the minds of high school students. If that isn’t enough pressure,...

Paddling girls pose for a photo before their race
Paddling Girls take 2nd place
Charlize Gaudiello, Editor-in-Chief • March 4, 2024

After winning second place at the Hawai’i High School Athletic Association’s State Canoe Paddling Championship, the Mid Pacific girls canoe...

Tyler Kawamoto playing basketball right before sophomore season.
Tyler Kawamoto: Bouncing Back
Reece Uemori, staff • January 3, 2024

Upon entering the gym, the audience and players press their hands over their mouths. They see Tyler Kawamoto on the ground holding his head as...

Picture of the Duke Kahanamoku Aquatic Complex at the University of Hawai’i Mānoa.
The battle of time within a student-athlete
Lisa Schroeder, Staff Writer • December 21, 2023

It’s now December, and the academic workload is starting to pile up. Many students complain about the piles of tests, assignments, and projects...

Sustainability infographic
Fashion: The Death of the Planet
Emi Lew, Design Head/Backpage Editor • January 3, 2024

Clothing has existed nearly as long as humans have, though its form has changed throughout the years to adapt to differences in culture, climate, and societal expectations. In the modern day, clothes and fashion are valued as key parts of one’s identity. “For me, [fashion] is definitely a form of expression, and through experimenting with my style, I have found my confidence. Fashion isn’t...

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The outside of Temple Emanu-El
Antisemitism on the Rise: An uphill battle
Josephine Brewer, Managing Editor • December 21, 2023

Antisemitism on the Rise Shots fired at Jewish schools in Canada, vulgar epithets yelled on school campuses, death threats made online-- Jewish life is again under assault. With nearly 3,700 anti-semitic attacks reported in the U.S last year and tensions rising in the Israel-Hamas war, there is a sense of dread amongst Jewish people of America. Since Hamas’s attack in October and Israel’s...

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Screen-capture of a suggestive text sent to a female at Mid-Pacific eluding to an unsolicited explicit picture.
The Female Experience
Katie Troske, Opinion Editor • October 13, 2023

We live in a world that excuses rape, glamorizes sexual harassment, normalizes sexist language, and objectifies women. There’s no denying or escaping the unfortunate truth of being a girl– and it’s time we talk about it. A girl's understanding of society is ingrained into her from the first day she goes to kindergarten. Dismissed with a mere “boys will be boys” after crying about being...

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